Holy Macaroni! Envytech Solutions to solve the complex water treatment mission at former Macaroni factory in Uppsala.

We are as proud as excited to have been chosen by Forsen AB for the mission to treat the ancient and contaminated water that have been left in the macaroni factory basement, since decommissioning of the plant. The water contains a fair amount of super fine suspended particles as well as dissolved metals. The treatment Läs mer

New month, New SAFF project. Let us present treatment of PFAS contaminated canal water, at a former airport in UK 🇬🇧

Our SAFF40 Saffron by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions is back in UK and is just about to start treating our 2nd biggest SAFF treatment project so far. The project is carried out together with Cornelsen Ltd. and brilliant project manager/ general manager Matt Ingram. Without pre treatment, only using the Läs mer

Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) 2022 Global Awards – EPOC Enviro & Envytech are nominated finalists 📸🏆

The first full scale project in the world using a mobile SAFF40 treatment unit was at a leachate site in Sweden, where many PFAS treatment technologies had been evaluated and discarded. in February 2020 a SAFF40 was commissioned, and has to date treated over 150 000 m3 of leachate, without any pre treatment systems, using Läs mer

New week, new effective AND inventive treatment tech for removal of suspended particles, PFAS and -yes- Nitrate 😲😳

This is the second set up at these important tunnel drilling works for service tunnel EO2, Stockholm. This time for the professionals at Implenia Sverige AB . On top of the normal ingredients in the ProcessWater from tunnel drilling works such as Suspended Solids, high pH and nitrates from the blasting, this project passes underneath a landfill collecting PFAS contaminated leachate. It is therefore an Läs mer

Favourite day of the week: Tight Tech Tuesday! Treatment tech with a capacity of up to 40 m3/h on (almost) no space 😳

This is not only a beautiful photo, but a top modern, top notch treatment set up for suspended particles including all from organics to super fines and in all in all, wicked flow velocity on a 2,5x6m surface.-Yes, it’s true. The two blue buffer tanks to the left and one to the right only serves Läs mer

New week, new projects. And how about a seriously complex sludge de-watering project in central Oslo, Norway.

Yes, another project in our Norwegian history book, and this is a really interesting project that we are happy to perform together with super competent and experienced Tore Frogner and Veidekke Norge. This centrally located project is involving the construction of a a new train station building, and part of the works involves installation of ”pipe Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday. AGAIN.

Lets enjoy with checking out our favourite flocculation and precipitation recipe at the moment. Another set of particles bites to dust. This as project manager Robin Axelson calibrates the magic for a new project. A procedure we do at the start of every project with suspended particles. For more info, please contact Victor Steffansson or Robin Axelson for Stockholm area and Läs mer

Friday Cyanide day?! Well this week for sure. Remediation of cyanide and PFAS contaminated water using Chemical Oxidation

Perfectly poisonous photos, by team Envytech technicians Martin Jepsen and Tobias Lindberg at Peab astonishing project site Gasklockan, #Stockholm. Here some soon to be magic installations will be created, bringing the old gas bell back to life as a cultural venue. But first some old sins needs to be removed, including cyanide and PFAS contaminated Läs mer

Meet Robin Axelson, Envytech Solutions AB hero who here checks out late at night after a bench scale SAFF treatment test 🏆🙏🇫🇷

Here we are testing French water sampled from ponds containing water from Have a PFAS contaminated firefighting water from a large fire. The water is as you see, pitch black from burnt materials and who knows what, but we still treat it without any pre treatments, filter or additives. Samples are handed in, and now Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday? Oh do we have a suitable candidate in this perfect fit water treatment at Snäckan 8, Stockholm.

Yeah check it out. This is a tight effective and nothing short of gorgeous treatment set up transforming complex particle heavy, pH high cement slurry to almost crystal clear water. The water/sludge is pumped into a buffer tank from where it’s transferred to a compact particle treatment unit adding #flocculation and #precipitation chemicals in a Läs mer

New month, New SAFF PFAS leachate project. And we are almost nailing removal rates from scratch👌✌️👏

Beautiful mid Sweden project, with a just as expected, complicated PFAS leachate mix. And just as  anticipated beautiful treatment results from our Surface Active Foam Fractionation SAFF developed by OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions / EPOC Enviro.– and off course a just as tight tech set up as planned. The Envytech way, this time Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday – Oh yes we are back. And this time with our first integrated lamella and mixer system size XL 😎🤠

They who say size don’t matter have not seen this absolutely gorgeous, competent, integrated particle separation system for larger flows. And it’s not only big and effective, it is also super smooth as it is very easily installed and winter protected, as the unit comes in one piece, minimising the need for connecting pipes and Läs mer