New study shows that immobilization reduces the bioavailability of PFAS in soil

Dr Sali Biek and her team in the laboratory of Professor Andy Ball at RMIT University has published new data in Environmental Science and Pollution Research showing that the uptake of PFAS by grasses is significantly reduced when soil is immobilized using RemBind. ( This data adds to a growing body of evidence that immobilization Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday presents not only tight, but sustainable as well as effective water treatment for construction process water

Good Morning Malmö, Sweden. We won’t only love your show during Eurovision in May, but everyday from now on. We are proud to have the trust of our client Sjöbo Schakt, carrying out construction and remediation works in central Malmö. As in most citys, the ground is contaminated with metals and petroleum hydrocarbons found in Läs mer

Envytech are happy to welcome REWALBI Miljöteknik into the family

Rewalbi will join the Envytech crew and our mission to perform state of the art water treatment, world class style. So in short, we just put on some extra muscle mass, and we look forward to see what we can do together. Sortera strengthens its position within water treatment through the acquisition of REWALBI Sortera, Läs mer

2nd Annual #H2020 SCENARIOS Project EU meeting in Athens, Greece is ON! Let the #PFAS results begin to flow! 👌👏🇬🇷

Alright! 11 Work packages are on site in Athens to present the work carried out under the 2 year period we have been involved. On site, proudly representing the Envytech team, is Say Svanström, project manager WP7 and pilot site officer, and Helena Hinrichsen, work packages leader WP7, Scenarios project. The work packages that this Läs mer

Sustainable, ”no waste” removal of both long and short chain PFAS at Korsör ground zero in Denmark

Many have, as the expression says ”broken the code” for treating PFAS in water. But almost always, one forget to mention the costs associated with the code breaking, and most important of all, how much waste it produces, what happens to that waste, and how much the waste handling cost. We can do anything with Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday presents: A north of the wall, mid winter, in-situ treatment to stop spreading of petroleum hydrocarbons

Forget your Goretex jacket and leather gloves. Think John Snow outfit, in Game of Thrones. Because that is what our in-situ team had to experience while installing an in-situ barrier to prevent spreading of a petroleum contamination in Unbyn, Boden Council, North Sweden in December 2023. Yes, we know, it’s madness performing in-situ works using Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday brings you WOW! Tight and effective pre-treatment followed by effective media filters

Let us present our newest tool in our water treatment toolbox: Our super compact, super effective and super water – as well as service – saving pre-media filter treatment. In a winter fairy tale filmed at our very appreciated client Mälarenergi, one can see our treatment set up for water coming from a surface water Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday presents a tight description of what PFAS water treatment solution to use for PFAS contaminated ground waters.

Challenge:Non complex water with no co-contaminants, and low to medium PFAS levels, and low levels of suspended particles and organics. Solution:Step 1: A smart pre treatment step, with a smart cleaning procedure, for removal of fine suspended particles. Think outside the old fashioned sand filter solution please, we do! Step 2: PFAS specific Ion exchange Läs mer

Mighty Treatment Tech for THE Mightiest construction site

Tight Tech Tuesday presents the official trailer of ”Mighty Treatment Tech for THE Mightiest construction site” Alright! We have known about this project for a little while now internally, but now you too can reserve seats and bring out the popcorn 🍿. Cannes film festival be bygone. The upcoming projects that we are to present Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday enjoys effective, tight, dreamy blue dewatering of jet grouting back wash water

We are right where we want to be, amongst muddy complex water and sludge, and we thank our impressive client OHLA  for the opportunity and trust to treat this demanding ”water” The source of the sludge comes from jet grouting performed by KELLER  where cement is injected into the ground, and the sludge reject that Läs mer

First SAFF project in Denmark to treat PFAS contaminated water at ”Ground Zero”, Korsör Fire Fighting school

Congratulations Denmark! You have just received  your first SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation unit. And we can’t wait to show all who is interested the capabilities as well as sustainable, effective and economic PFAS water treatment technology by EPOC Enviro  – and results as they come in. The commissioning of the SAFF is a Läs mer

See you at Aquatech November 6

Want to talk remediation, destruction and stabilisation of PFAS? In-situ treatment of 1,4 Dioxande and robust, small footprint nitrate and ammonia water treatment – Full scale and commercially available technologies. Visit the Envytech crew (together with Cornelsen Ltd.) in booth 07.706 at the Aquatech exhibition in Amsterdam 6–9 November. We look forward to seeing you!