Friday sneak peak: On site trial for treating PFAS in drinking water basins, UK


It’s been a busy week for our PFAS crew. A very interesting on-site trial was carried out at a clients office for treatment of a drinking water source, with camera crew and all, to share the work that is being done with the surrounding community. The trial went as planned, and we are now awaiting the results. A thrilling life for the crew as they have to endure waiting for Xmas presents in the shape of lab reports every week.

The trial was carried out with our UK partners Matt Ingram and Cornelsen Ltd., as well as ATG Group. Stay tuned for updates and results – there are quite a few of those awaiting to be finalized now. Will be like a big candy bag when ready for release 🍭🍬😎

Start up of new PFAS leachate remediation trial using SAFF – and this time using our new world first SAFF20 treatment plants


First of two new #SAFF #leachate treatment projects established. And we can’t wait to see how this leachate will foam and how to optimize treatment.
Our super knowledgeable crew Anders Holttinen and Johan Lindahl, and of course Jamie Sheargold from EPOC, who is living the life of Vikings with horizontal rain/snow and icy degrees helping us with the initial commissioning of the units, making sure they work as expected.

Treatment of leachate using SAFF has been a journey filled with experiences and challenges, but we are getting really good. And as we now also have projects in UK with even more challenging water, that we seem to be able super well, getting amazing PFAS removal, and we think it’s fair to say that we have come a long way. Which feels good not only for the projects themselves, but also for the environment as we now have a sustainable PFAS remediation option. And that to us is cool for real. And a change for real 👌🌍♻️

Alright! Another PFAS treatment project using only air


No consumables, only offered by SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, a solution provided by Envytech for the European, Scandinavian and UK market.

Envytech has to date 3 ongoing PFAS leachate treatment projects in Sweden, and as we are starting up this full scale system to perform a 3 month pilot project, we have 4. So far we have treated almost 120 000 m3 of leachate, with 100% of control samples meeting site criteria. And as early adapters we now have the largest SAFF rental fleet on the world market – proving the technologies robust and unique capabilities, and more units are coming as we are to start up projects in the Netherlands, France, UK and more.

For more information about the SAFF technology, Envytech or out many PFAS remediation projects, ranging from groundwater to leachate, contact our Head of R&S Helena Hinrichsen

Presentation av SAFF40, anläggning för PFAS-rening av lakvatten vid Avfall Sveriges konferens på Telge Återvinning i Södertälje


Trots kalla vindar så var det glada leenden när vår chef för FoU, Helena Hinrichsen , fick möjligheten att visa upp vår, och även världens första, mobila SAFF-anläggning för de ca 22 nyfikna och intresserade deponiansvariga som hade nöjet att delta i Avfall Sveriges Konferens som hölls på Tveta.

Vår SAFF40-001 som nu hunnit fylla 1 år, har renat över 100 000 m3 PFAS förorenat lakvatten med bara luft, utan andra reningssteg så som för behandling eller filtermassor.

Vår SAFF40-001 var den första mobila SAFF-anläggningen, en reningsteknik som tagits fram av OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions / EPOC Enviro, men har nu många syskon. Dagen till ära anlände våra två nyaste anläggningar från Australien, 2 st SAFF20, en mindre variant, och familjen börjar växa sig stor. Och fler medlemmar är på väg då efterfrågan på denna teknik har kommit igång rejält. De två nykomlingarna är redan på väg ut till kunder och projekt som vi hoppas kunna visa upp här framåt.

För mer info om tekniken, tillgång till anläggningar eller övriga frågor om PFAS och reningstekniker, kontakta Helena Hinrichsen eller läs mer här på hemsidan.

Envytech and Head of R&D Helena Hinrichsen invited to speak PFAS solutions at IDA miljö seminar, Denmark


Our Helena Hinrichsen is super happy to have been invited as speaker at IDA – miljö webinar Treatment of PFOS and PFAS in soil and water. She loves when she get the chance to invite others to hers and Envytech Solutions AB’s  world of PFAS. It’s a world, just as interesting as it is dark and challenging.

Bente Villumsen hosted a super well organized event, where the only one not keeping the schedule, was Helena. Again. She is hopeless 😇. But as sooo much is happening and new results coming in from the states, TODAY, showing the results for short chain removal with an optimized SAFF treatment, she couldn’t stop herself from adding them at the last minute. Yes she is a hopeless time optimist.  But seriously. How cool. Sustainable short chain removal. 💥 Wow 💥

On her agenda other then SAFF was:
✔️ Discussion of Carbon treatment and AIX, and the cost involved when looking at a project, all included, not just cost of filter materials
✔️SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Enviro  /OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions
✔️ PerfluorAd – flocculation & precipitation of PFAS by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH  / Cornelsen Ltd.  
✔️ YES – we are doing full scale chemical Oxidation with Patrik Hollman  Nova Diamant AB
✔️ Rembind by RemBind Pty Ltd – stabilization of PFAS contaminated soil 
✔️PFAST – #Soilwashing for PFAS soil that actually works, AND we can treat the water without filtermaterials. So exciting!! 🥳

Looking at that menu – what was she thinking with 40 min. But how could she choose! Ah well. One to remember for the next time. But at least the audience will receive an interesting PDF presentation in the mail. That to us is the perfect Easter egg. 😇 And if anyone else wants tve ppt too, just give send us an email.

Envytech to start full scale destruction of PFAS by mineralisation of SAFF concentrate for zero waste project


Looking for some excitement? How about some #destruction of PFAS creating a zero waste full scale project! Nothing including diamonds is boring, and this saying is true also for a boron doped diamond. Here a part of a Swedish developed Electrochemical Oxidation unit by Patrik Hollman och Nova Diamant AB.

As seen in the post below, this unit will operate in Spain for the year to come, but luckily for us, Patrik has more, and also bigger versions. And as we have 225 liters of PFAS concentrate generated from treatment of almost 30 000 m3 of leachate using Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) at NSR AB, this is a no brainer project for us, making this full scale PFAS treatment project a Zero Waste project.

Now is that not exiting, I don’t know what is. – And as waiting doesn’t come naturally for us, we will start setting up the project in the days to come!

Envytech to start Spain’s first PFAS treatment Ever


And so we meet – IRL! First on site meeting, Spanish site 🇪🇸. And energy levels are as high as the PFAS concentrations 😇

What used to be the old normal is after the pandemic a luxury – Face to Face meetings with international colleagues! And suddenly the magic that only happens IRL are back, ideas flying, mutual understandings of what seemed difficult over the screens… You know what we talk about.

But we are not here only to talk, but to do some ”real” work and start this EU LIFE project in practice. -Right after the EU audit rundown 😇🙂.

The Spanish site offers an interesting remediation challenge as the site is a heavily PFAS contaminated area where the groundwater concentrations reach 10 micro grams per liter, (10 000 000 ng/l). The flow rates are however low, as the soil is mainly made up from consolidated deposits.

The remediation system to be evaluated is a treatment train approach using the most sustainable technologies on the world market. The first step is a SAFF20 system invented by OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions , offered by Envytech Solutions AB performing Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) to remove up to 99,9% of the long chained PFAS, and 40-80% of the short chains.
The water is then passed through an IonExchange resin for polishing, removing the residual PFAS substances, before being released to the recipient.

But the magic don’t stop there. To create a truly sustainable project, the concentrate will pass through an Electrochemical Oxidation (EO) unit by project partner Patrik Hollman at Nova Diamond AB, for complete degradation. Also Leonidas Perez-Estrada at Eurecat – Centro Tecnológico de Catalunya will carry out trials for regeneration of the resin, and any backwash solution created will then also be trialed in the EO plant, ultimately creating a zero waste project.

Now doesn’t that sound easy 🙂. Let the fun begin!

Presenting our just completed 60 m3/h treatment system for PFAS and particle removal from tunnel construction waste water.


Last week ended with Victor Steffansson handing over the ”key” and manuals to construction company YIT – for the complete water treatment system installed to treat water from construction works for Högdalen depo worktunnel 5712.

Water are pumped straight from the drilling rigs carrying out the tunnel construction works, to the treatment plant. As the water enters the first treatment step, a two step mixer, flocculation and precipitation chemicals are automatically added proportional to the flow rate, as well as CO2 for #pH adjustment. The particles are then given enough settling time in two lamella separators connected in parallel. The treated water then enters a buffer tank where the water is pumped to the next step of 4 pressurised filter vessels containing glass media for polishing of the last particles. As the water is about to enter the filter step, turbidity and #conductivity is measured and logged.
From here the water is pumped to another buffer tank where the water can be recirculated back to the drilling rigs, or released to the recipient. Or to a next treatment step, if works are carried out in a tunnel section where PFAS can be expected. 

As the tunnel is situated underneath a landfill, some of the water is expected to be containing PFAS as leachate can reach the tunnel during the works. In this case the water from the polishing step is directed to 4 filter vessels in series containing activated carbon, ready ro treat the PFAS. And then also PFAS contaminated water can be reused or discarded.
And all packaged in a neat, slim, modular based treatment system with minimal footprint, in a weather proof protection tent. A system designed by Envytech in close cooperation with our partners Cornelsen Ltd. UK.

Now THAT is what awesome looks like in our book 👌🤩👏
For information about the project, contact project manager and lead designer Victor Steffansson 

Alright, the eagle has landed!


Tall, short, fat or skinny filter media vessels for all types of waters and flow rates – we have it. Well, actually we have had all of this for quite some time, but as all our equipment is rented out, we are super happy to have stocked up and are ready to serve more clients and projects. And even though there are still some weeks left before the next load of tech arrives, we have already started jumping up and down in excitement, because WHAT a tech load that will be 🥳🤩🍾!!

– We know, a cliffhanger. Sorry about that, but rest assure it is an episode worth waiting for.
And yes, most of it is planned for projects straight away, but we have also allowed for extras to manage yet unknown projects.

And as a bonus, our new chemical mixing cabinets have arrived, ready to trial new flocculants and precipitation chemicals, as well as PerfluorAd – a flocculant for PFAS that we are about to trial for several complex, low flow, high PFAS concentration waters. And yes – we will present results from these trials here, as well as upcoming full-scale designs 😲👏

So if you have water treatment projects in need of design, equipment and or expertise, please feel free to contact our project managers.

Not only meetings happening for H2020 SCENARIOS Project EU team. Today we start site works at our landfill test site!


Alright! We are starting up the work of WP7 for real – even if Knud Erik and GEO and Say Svanström Envytech, have produced a lot of important background and modelling work back at the office.

Today our crew shines together with the sun as we control GPS coordinates as well as installation data and groundwater levels for all previous installed wells at the site. The data will complement and verify information in reports from previous investigations, and will then add the last pieces of the puzzle in Knud-Eriks master piece of a site 3D model.

Time is of the essence as we are all eager to see and discuss the information to be shown by the 3D GeoAtlas model, as this will be our main information source for remediation planning. And it will give a very important underground view for us to consider on the 4th of April, as we welcome Prof. Ofer Dahan to the site.

Ofer will visit both our landfill site where we are to remediate leachate, as well as our previous fire station site, where we are to remediate highly PFAS contaminated groundwater. Ofer will advice and plan for installation of the state of the art monitoring system VMS, that is planned to give us new ways to map contamination movement through unsaturated ground.

This World Water Day we are celebrating signing the contract to treat another 200 000 m3 of PFAS leachate using only air.


A year pass quickly, and we are as proud as amazed as we have managed to treat the first 100 000 m3 of landdill leachate using only air, no filter medias, no consumables, no pretreatments.

The treatment has been carried out using the SAFF tech by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions , and the project was the first of its kind in the world.

As pioneers, searching and trialing sustainable, out of the box thinking solutions for PFAS, we are super impressed with this tech. This as we use a meer 0,7 kwh/m3 treated, and produce approx 100 liters of PFAS concentrate per 30 000 m3 treated leachate. A waste we are about to treat using Electrochemical Oxidation EO to manage a zero waste project.

And today, this world waterday 2022 our outstanding client Telge made our day and asked to extend the project, giving us another 200 000 m3 to treat. Not bad for a beginner hey 🥳👏🍾

Envytech presenterar hållbara, effektiva och ekonomiska Åtgärdsmetoder för PFAS på Danska nätverket ATVs vintermöte


Envytech är med på ATV Jord og Grundvand Vintermöte och presenterar de nya, effektiva årgärdsmetoderna för #PFAS

Medan andra företag pratar om de klassiska filterteknikerna aktivt kol och jonbytare som ”banbrytande” för PFAS förorenade vatten, utan att nämna kostnader eller avfallsproduktion, så presenterar vi de på riktigt revolutionerande åtgärdsmetoderna.

#PerfluorAd – Flockningsmedel för PFAS samt #SAFF – rening av PFAS-förorenat vatten med bara luft. Två metoder som renar PFAS-förorenade vatten – ALLA vatten, utan behov av förbehandlingar eller filtermedier, oavsett TOC, DOC, pH eller andra föroreningar.

Teknikerna renar PFAS med 6 kolatomer eller fler med >96- 99,9% och producerar minimalt med avfall, som mest 1 m3 per 40 000 m3 renat lakvatten (leachate). Metoderna renar även ca 20-60% av de kortkedjade PFAS-ämnena.

Vi presenterar även #Rembind, en stabiliseringsprodukt som används i hela världen för att minimera PFAS-lakning från jord, och som nu används av svenska Fortifikationsverket i alla deras konstruktionsprojekt inom PFAS-förorenade områden, vilket lett till att inga PFAS-förorenade massor från militära områden behöver köras på deponi.

På plats i montern på Vintermöte hittar ni våra två PFAS-experter och Envytechs ansvariga för forskning och utveckling Victor Steffansson och Helena Hinrichsen.