Summary of Life-Source project review meeting on first PFAS remediation in Spain as well as plans for Swedish site


Massive day yesterday with information bonanza for over 9 hours. A head spin yes, but to much science and tech is just awesome 😎.

We talked about the awareness of PFAS at local EPAs in Spain, and how that is changing with increasing knowledge about PFAS. And off course also due the fact that Spain has now a PFAS legislation, much thanks to, this project, amongst other.
– Now how cool is that 👌👏. Talk about making change for real.

We went through the very successful regeneration procedure for AEX Ionexchange resin that Leonidas Perez-Estrada at EURECAT is in charge of, offering this possibility to all users of the Purolite, An Ecolab Company PFAS resins

And last and but not least, we did some professional filming for the video that the project is producing to further increase the sharing of the knowledge and data obtained throughout EU and the world. Hollywood next 🎥

Day 2 coming up, so stay tuned for more updates and data!

Incredible day kicking off another large PFAS stabilization project using Rembind


Wonder how stabilization of PFAS contaminated soil can be done? For this 4000 ton stabilization project for PFAS contaminated soil from an airport, our client offered interested clients and problem owners a live show. I have seen all our projects performed, but this time was the first using an Allu bucket to mix Rembind – a patented well documented and tested stabilization product from RemBind  Australia, with the contaminated soil. We are used to working with tumble screens or vibrating screens, but as our client Dåva Landfill are used to mix with an Allu bucket, we were super keen to see the result.

And as you can see, it works very well.
The Rembind was premixed to a 10% mix, and this soil was then spread on top of approx.100 tons of the contaminated soil with a front loader. The soil were then mixed with the Allu bucket to a 1,5% Rembind concentration. You see one mixing round in the film, and another 3 were to be performed.

Lab scale results show that 1,5% Rembind minimize leachability of all PFAS28 with minimum 95%. The soil will then be landfilled in sealed cells, to provide a long term minimal leachability setting. And Job Done  ✅👌

For more info on us and our remediation solutions for PFAS in soil and water, contact Helena Hinrichsen or Robin Axelson.

We might not get greeted by Nasdaq, but we are close to present a similar sustainable solution for destroying PFAS – In Europe 🇪🇺💪👊


It feels like yesterday, but it’s 4 years ago, I first met the OPEC Systems – protecting and improving our environment – team and saw the potential of SAFF. Two years later we launched the first full scale mobile SAFF system here in Sweden, treating complex leachate for the first time in the world, using Foam Fractionation.

It has since then been a mind-blowing journey of hard work, passion, sweat and tears – because it didn’t start off being just bubbles in water, even if it sounds that way. It’s an experience heavy, learn by doing and optimizing treatment tech journey, and we have come really far.

My goal has since the start been the a sustainable zero waste solution. And yes it stings that we didn’t get to be the first, but it feels ok as the US is a tad bigger and lately a lot more advanced. So congratulations to EPOC Enviro team and Kent Sorenson with team Allonnia for amazing work.

But Europe is still up for grabs, and we are going at it full throttle, teaming up with some super potent partners for destruction, and with our first test projects already on the go.

So wish us luck, and keep following our journey for a sustainable concentration and destruction of PFAS solution. We will be out there  with a hand made sign when we make it, if no one makes one for us 😎 🤞📣

Envytech and team SCENARIOS Project EU H2020 collects insects, biota, soil and groundwater to trace PFAS transport


Beautiful days, beautiful team, beautiful work. And beautiful photos! 👌📸.

The quest to map the PFAS journey into the environment through air, water and soil, into plants, insects and animals, and into its last  almost permanent housing, the human body continues. And as a part of the work, we last week teamed up at a heavily contaminated site in Sweden to sample as many receptor ”medias” as possible, to try and map quantity and routes for PFAS.

In these nature rich photos our project manager Say Svanström shines with energy  as a result of being part of this important work. And who wouldn’t. The fate and transport of PFAS is one of the world’s most rapid growing worries, and we need all efforts possible, to help prove the consequences of this, in order to get a ban for these toxins.

Envytech is a partner in team Scenarios, lead by our incredible team leader Francesco Dondero, PhD.  We are assigned Work Package leaders for WP7 – Remediation – and 18 months into the project, we are getting ready to move from Bench scale to full scale remediation of PFAS contaminated groundwater at Korsör in Denmark.

For more info on us, the project or our technologies, please contact Helena Hinrichsen or Say Svanström.

Envytechs first generation 2 SAFF40 has arrived.


Join the team as they open up the doors to inspect the latest upgrades that we have been a big part of developing. This unit will soon treat complex leachate for the two years that are left on our contract at Telge Återvinning in Tveta, Södertälje, and can be viewed from mid April 2023.

So if interested, contact Helena Hinrichsen

New month, New country, New SAFF project – and new area of use:  Water Treatment for PFAS Soil Washing water


We are immensely proud and excited that together with one of the most environmentally beautifully companies we have met, have started this trial and world first combination of PFAS Soil Washing and Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) treatment from EPOC Enviro OPEC Systems, of soil wash water. And first ever SAFF project in Belgium 🇧🇪👌👏

Water for soil washing is used during the day and treated by SAFF, and all other wash steps during the night, allowing reuse and elimination of the need of activated carbon, minimizing PFAS waste and carbon footprint.

As different soils produce different waters, we are developing a settings guide for different soils, TOC content and PFAS concentrations and signatures This in order to minimize the need of control samples, and to maximize the possibility of foam watching – as getting that just right foam tells the same story as a verification lab analysis.

We are heading into this project in search of a beneficial partnership in Belgium, and so far the experienced, curious and professional staff are exceeding every expectation. So hello Belgium 👋. Great to be here, and we are hoping that this is the first project of many.

New month, New SAFF project. Let us present treatment of PFAS contaminated canal water, at a former airport in UK 🇬🇧


Our SAFF40 Saffron by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions is back in UK and is just about to start treating our 2nd biggest SAFF treatment project so far. The project is carried out together with Cornelsen Ltd. and brilliant project manager/ general manager Matt Ingram.

Without pre treatment, only using the automatic bag filters, we are about to treat pretty heavily PFAS contaminated canal water, as an important step in the remediation works planned at the site. Works that will create some truly beautiful future residence areas.

A full scale 3 day treatment trial have already been conducted at site, proving the technology efficiency on the complex canal water. The plant sits all blue and ready, awaiting the client to push the start button.

The project will treat all the canal water in the area, and is estimated to be finalised in about a years time. We will, off course (!), follow the project closely and share our experiences, challenges and solutions as always, but off course with the confidential requirements from the client in mind.

So stay tuned! And if you are to attend the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) global Awards the 14th of November in Manchester, please say hello!

New week, new effective AND inventive treatment tech for removal of suspended particles, PFAS and -yes- Nitrate 😲😳


This is the second set up at these important tunnel drilling works for service tunnel EO2, Stockholm. This time for the professionals at Implenia Sverige AB .

On top of the normal ingredients in the ProcessWater from tunnel drilling works such as Suspended Solids, high pH and nitrates from the blasting, this project passes underneath a landfill collecting PFAS contaminated leachate. It is therefore an impressive set up of effective as well as tight and tailor made treatment systems installed at this site.

But from this week and a couple of months onwards, we have added yet another state of the art and first time in Europe solution – Envytech style. This time for dissolved nitrates.
-And no, it’s no big bioreactor with several steps that is sensitive to everything from temperature to bacteria, solids and other parameters. It’s instead a compact robust treatment step with minimum need of contact time that fits in our ordinary treatment vessels, we just add on an extra reaction tank. And as well as being robust as anything we haven’t seen before in nitrogen removal, it is believed to last for up to 8 years, maybe more.

No, it is not a joke or fake news, but a trial of a new patented product, and a new partnership for us. And a quite massive investment plan for Envytech. It is also, like our solutions SAFF and Rembind, a product of the tireless and pretty unique work that our R&D staff Victor Steffansson and Helena Hinrichsen carries out, with Victor being the proud dad for our nitrogen solution.

As solving the nitrate removal challenges is a BIG quest, it is welcomed by many, and also followed by many in the construction sector. And while we feel the pressure, we have no reason to doubt the solution, but time and results will tell.

We hope to present successful results from this full scale trial at the end of 2022. So to get all updates, make sure to follow us here on LinkedIn. And if you wish to be a part of our journey towards becoming the best in the world regarding PFAS remediation and water treatment for complex waters, send us an email, as we have some awesome work opportunities available.

Friday Cyanide day?! Well this week for sure. Remediation of cyanide and PFAS contaminated water using Chemical Oxidation


Perfectly poisonous photos, by team Envytech technicians Martin Jepsen and Tobias Lindberg at Peab astonishing project site Gasklockan, #Stockholm.

Here some soon to be magic installations will be created, bringing the old gas bell back to life as a cultural venue. But first some old sins needs to be removed, including cyanide and PFAS contaminated water.

Sky blue as well as effective, we here use treatment steps including sedimentation and a media vessel filled with activated glass media for treatment of suspended solids. A following medi vessel with Activated carbon treats PFAS and cyanide, and as finish we apply chemical Oxidation to remove any free cyanide.

Now that’s what we call a potent remedy 🧪👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🧫😎

Meet Robin Axelson, Envytech Solutions AB hero who here checks out late at night after a bench scale SAFF treatment test 🏆🙏🇫🇷


Here we are testing French water sampled from ponds containing water from Have a PFAS contaminated firefighting water from a large fire.

The water is as you see, pitch black from burnt materials and who knows what, but we still treat it without any pre treatments, filter or additives. Samples are handed in, and now it’s just the wait left, but from watching the process, we should have a good result.
-And we will off course show you as soon as we have the protocols in hand. We know you are as excited and curious as we are 😉.

New month, New SAFF PFAS leachate project. And we are almost nailing removal rates from scratch👌✌️👏


Beautiful mid Sweden project, with a just as expected, complicated PFAS leachate mix. And just as  anticipated beautiful treatment results from our Surface Active Foam Fractionation SAFF developed by OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions / EPOC Enviro.
– and off course a just as tight tech set up as planned. The Envytech way, this time by Anders Holttinen.

As always we pump straight from the leachate pond, straight into our pilot SAFF20 treatment unit. Results from the first sample rounds have started to come in, and it is looking good!!
-But can be better. Next step is to evaluate treatment efficiency for each PFAS substance with different treatment times in combination with different energy and bubble settings.
Time for our ”Foam watchers”, as we call our SAFF specialist team, to work their magic.

For more information on the project, the SAFF PFAS treatment method or availability of plants and pilot test, contact our Head of R&D and PFASionista Helena Hinrichsen.

Tech Wednesday!? Check out this installation providing real time monitoring of PFAS transport in the vadose zone 🇮🇱🇩🇰


Korsör, Denmark, have never been more Hi-Tech as Team SCENARIOS Project EU installs Sensoil Innovations Ltd.  innovation providing real time monitoring of PFAS transport through the unsaturated zone.

As PFAS is transported by water precipitating through the ground, sample ports collect the water and transports it to a sampling cabinet where each level can be sampled and analysed at different times. This will provide a unique way of following the PFAS from the surface and down through the soil and into the groundwater.
-And all happens while the Italiens, led by Francesco Dondero, PhD are sampling for PFAS resisting bacteria, possibly able to degrade PFAS.

It is so much Inovation in this ground breaking EU GreenDeal project, that it is hard to take it all in. And we haven’t even started remediation or destruction works!!

Go work packages 3 and 4. Work package 7, Team Remediation, has never been more ready to be tagged in. But at the same time we are amazed of the work you are doing and can’t wait for the results.

For results, lessons learned, findings and more, follow us on LinkedIn. It will be a journey you don’t want to miss.