Alright, the eagle has landed!

Tall, short, fat or skinny filter media vessels for all types of waters and flow rates – we have it. Well, actually we have had all of this for quite some time, but as all our equipment is rented out, we are super happy to have stocked up and are ready to serve more clients and projects. And even though there are still some weeks left before the next load of tech arrives, we have already started jumping up and down in excitement, because WHAT a tech load that will be 🥳🤩🍾!!

– We know, a cliffhanger. Sorry about that, but rest assure it is an episode worth waiting for.
And yes, most of it is planned for projects straight away, but we have also allowed for extras to manage yet unknown projects.

And as a bonus, our new chemical mixing cabinets have arrived, ready to trial new flocculants and precipitation chemicals, as well as PerfluorAd – a flocculant for PFAS that we are about to trial for several complex, low flow, high PFAS concentration waters. And yes – we will present results from these trials here, as well as upcoming full-scale designs 😲👏

So if you have water treatment projects in need of design, equipment and or expertise, please feel free to contact our project managers.