Alright! Another PFAS treatment project using only air

No consumables, only offered by SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, a solution provided by Envytech for the European, Scandinavian and UK market.

Envytech has to date 3 ongoing PFAS leachate treatment projects in Sweden, and as we are starting up this full scale system to perform a 3 month pilot project, we have 4. So far we have treated almost 120 000 m3 of leachate, with 100% of control samples meeting site criteria. And as early adapters we now have the largest SAFF rental fleet on the world market – proving the technologies robust and unique capabilities, and more units are coming as we are to start up projects in the Netherlands, France, UK and more.

For more information about the SAFF technology, Envytech or out many PFAS remediation projects, ranging from groundwater to leachate, contact our Head of R&S Helena Hinrichsen