Tingstadstunneln – A state of the art water treatment plant handling up to 60 m3/h of complex multi contaminated water

And so the establishment is finished, and the first volumes has passed through the system, and the initial samples controlling the effectiveness of system removal of suspended solids, metals, petroleum products, nitrogen, phosphorus and pH have been collected. A service carried out by Envytech staff as apart of our full service offer, making tuning, correction, design of flexibel solutions and contact with authorities as smooth and time/cost effective as possible. This as we see the water and possible changes straight away, maybe even before lab results have come in, and stay updated on changes in the clients work activities.

We use flocculation and precipitation in combination with lamella separators to remove suspended solids and particle bound metals. The water is then polished of in a mineral filter offering leading performance on fine particle removal.

All sludge and backwash is passed through a geotube draining the wet material, minimizing the need of sludge removal by vaccum trucks.

All packaged and labeled in true blue Envytech manner. An Envytech line galore one could say, and neither we or our super professional client Peab can srop smiling as you glance upon the gear.

One proud as team, we can tell you 👌👏🌊

For information on the project, please contact our hard working project manager Anders Holttinen or our Head of designs Victor Steffansson