Friday – Oh My Day!! And what is better at producing that reaction then RAW destruction data on PFAS concentrate from treatment of PFAS leachate using SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation

Allright, first official update – not on a nuggets package – of results achieved using ElectroChemical Oxidation (EO #ECO)

The treatment is running with a flow of 200 liters a day, and samples were taken at T0 and T7days – which means 7 treatment cycles for the full PFAS waste produced by SAFF treatng 30 000 m3 of leachate.
T0 results (blue line) show initial concentrations before start of EO process, and T7days – ornage line, show the results after 7 treatment cycles. The PFAS sum 11 total concentrations are the same, 20 000 000 ng/l at both sampling events, but the make up of PFAS has changed. PFOS concentrations have been reduced from 1 700 000 ng/l to 410 000 ng/l, and PFOA from 5 700 000 ng/l to 4 700 000 ng/l. Big reductions are also seen for PFHxS, 1 700 000 ng/l to 1 300 000 ng/l and PFNA 350 000 ng/l to 150 000 ng/l.

Great increase in concentrations are however seen for PFPeA, PFHxA, 6:2FTS and PFBA.
PFBA has increased from 5 200 ng/l to 390 000 ng/l, 6:2FTS from 7 800 000 ng/l to 9 300 000 ng/l, PFHxa from 91 000 to 740 000 ng/l and PFPeA from 15 000 to 490 000 ng/l.

All results are as expected. This as it takes less energy to break the longer chains, so they go first, and as this happens, shorter chain compounds are created. So a very nice first suite of results I would say. And all achieved with a simple EO unit that fits on a desk or in you front seat.

But all is not as easy as it sounds. The concentrate contains much solids, and after a week of treatment. The cell clogged up totally. Owner and producer Patrik Hollman at Nova Diamant AB came to see us to give it a good clean, but within the following 2 days, the throughput was almost down to zero. But that is also important knowledge. This technology will struggle on ”waters”/wastes such as this. But can something be done to increase efficiency and overcome this problem?
We will sure give it a try, and as we have now temporarily turned off the treatment, we will pick it up in 2 weeks after twerking the process with a few ideas. -Oh dont worry, I saw your troubled faces, we will share the coming process, tricks and data as we have settled on the method and seen the outcome. shared knowledge is double knowledge, right? At least in our books.

So keep a look out 🙂