Friday Cyanide day?! Well this week for sure. Remediation of cyanide and PFAS contaminated water using Chemical Oxidation

Perfectly poisonous photos, by team Envytech technicians Martin Jepsen and Tobias Lindberg at Peab astonishing project site Gasklockan, #Stockholm.

Here some soon to be magic installations will be created, bringing the old gas bell back to life as a cultural venue. But first some old sins needs to be removed, including cyanide and PFAS contaminated water.

Sky blue as well as effective, we here use treatment steps including sedimentation and a media vessel filled with activated glass media for treatment of suspended solids. A following medi vessel with Activated carbon treats PFAS and cyanide, and as finish we apply chemical Oxidation to remove any free cyanide.

Now that’s what we call a potent remedy 🧪👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🧫😎