Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) 2022 Global Awards – EPOC Enviro & Envytech are nominated finalists 📾🏆

The first full scale project in the world using a mobile SAFF40 treatment unit was at a leachate site in Sweden, where many PFAS treatment technologies had been evaluated and discarded.

in February 2020 a SAFF40 was commissioned, and has to date treated over 150 000 m3 of leachate, without any pre treatment systems, using approx 0,7 kWh per treated m3 leachate.

– Reaching the target values every month, with average removal rates for long chained PFAS being 99,9% for PFAS4 (PFNA, PFOS, PFOA, PFHxS) as well as for PFDA, 62FTS & PFHpA.

This project was featured in an excellent scientific journal written by David Burns, Helena Hinrichsen, Paul Stevenson and Peter Murphy, presenting SAFF as a PFAS treatment technology for leachate. And it is for this journal, as well as for the SAFF treatment technology that we together with EPOC are nominated for the IChem Water Award. A nomination we applaud the Envytech PFAS team for, as well as EPOC and Paul Stevenson we are super proud for.