Envytech and team SCENARIOS Project EU H2020 collects insects, biota, soil and groundwater to trace PFAS transport

Beautiful days, beautiful team, beautiful work. And beautiful photos! 👌📸.

The quest to map the PFAS journey into the environment through air, water and soil, into plants, insects and animals, and into its last  almost permanent housing, the human body continues. And as a part of the work, we last week teamed up at a heavily contaminated site in Sweden to sample as many receptor ”medias” as possible, to try and map quantity and routes for PFAS.

In these nature rich photos our project manager Say Svanström shines with energy  as a result of being part of this important work. And who wouldn’t. The fate and transport of PFAS is one of the world’s most rapid growing worries, and we need all efforts possible, to help prove the consequences of this, in order to get a ban for these toxins.

Envytech is a partner in team Scenarios, lead by our incredible team leader Francesco Dondero, PhD.  We are assigned Work Package leaders for WP7 – Remediation – and 18 months into the project, we are getting ready to move from Bench scale to full scale remediation of PFAS contaminated groundwater at Korsör in Denmark.

For more info on us, the project or our technologies, please contact Helena Hinrichsen or Say Svanström.