Tight Tech Tuesday presents not only tight, but sustainable as well as effective water treatment for construction process water

Good Morning Malmö, Sweden. We won’t only love your show during Eurovision in May, but everyday from now on.

We are proud to have the trust of our client Sjöbo Schakt, carrying out construction and remediation works in central Malmö. As in most citys, the ground is contaminated with metals and petroleum hydrocarbons found in both the soil and groundwater. As the main part of the metal contamination is particle bound, an effective removal of suspended solids solves this problem.

This water treatment plant is designed to handle the requested flow of 40 m3/h, and the set up is an Envy blue line with an incoming buffer tank, a two stage mixer tank  followed by two lamellas with rake and automatic sludge pumps. The mixer is equipped with with a automatic and flow proportional dosing System for flocculation and precipitation chemicals. It also has an automatic pH controlled additive system for CO2 in case pH drops.

The lamellas are equipped with rakes to make sure the settled sludge don’t stick to the sides, but reach the bottom hopper, where sludge pumps can transfer the sludge for sustainable, cheap and easy dewatering. Forget expensive vacuum trucks carrying large volumes of watery sludge through the city. Say hello to 1m3 of of dry matter per 2-3 months, that can be put on any truck and received at any soil handling plant with the right permits.

Now that’s not only blue, but pretty beautiful sustainable green too 💚

For more information on the project and our possibilities, contact project manager Erik Löfgren