Tech Wednesday!? Check out this installation providing real time monitoring of PFAS transport in the vadose zone 🇮🇱🇩🇰


Korsör, Denmark, have never been more Hi-Tech as Team SCENARIOS Project EU installs Sensoil Innovations Ltd.  innovation providing real time monitoring of PFAS transport through the unsaturated zone.

As PFAS is transported by water precipitating through the ground, sample ports collect the water and transports it to a sampling cabinet where each level can be sampled and analysed at different times. This will provide a unique way of following the PFAS from the surface and down through the soil and into the groundwater.
-And all happens while the Italiens, led by Francesco Dondero, PhD are sampling for PFAS resisting bacteria, possibly able to degrade PFAS.

It is so much Inovation in this ground breaking EU GreenDeal project, that it is hard to take it all in. And we haven’t even started remediation or destruction works!!

Go work packages 3 and 4. Work package 7, Team Remediation, has never been more ready to be tagged in. But at the same time we are amazed of the work you are doing and can’t wait for the results.

For results, lessons learned, findings and more, follow us on LinkedIn. It will be a journey you don’t want to miss.

Compact, effective dewatering of construction works in a pond area carried out by ABTK Anläggning AB


Maybe grey sky’s, but as always, our equipment are shining blue like a summer sky.  Even while treating muddy water filled with particles and dissolved metals.

The treatment train is made up from a buffer container to equalise flow rates, followed by static mixers injecting flocculation and precipitation chemicals in flow specific amounts. The particles are then let to settle in a lamella separator with a sludge collector at the bottom. The sludge is pumped to a geotub for dewatering, minimizing the need of vacuum trucks as well as minimizing waste volumes. After the lamella, residual rest flocks are collected in a second sedimentation container before the water is pumped to filter vessels for treatment by AIX for dissolved zink. The water is then released to the recipient and meets all target ceiterias.

Simple, tight, effective and economical. Just the way we like it 👌🌊💦

Enjoying #IWA Copenhagen and interested in PFAS? Come and talk to our #PFAS remediation exeperts!


And so IWA Copenhagen has started, and we have noticed that PFAS isn’t just on our mind. Sad but true, but it feels good to represent new sustainable treatment solutions such as #SAFF Surface Active Foam Fractionation, #Rembind and #PerfluorAd. Technologies being implemented TODAY! in both Rörvik #Norway for Avinor , as well as in Korsör #Denmark. Så en stor dag på många sätt idag 👌🥳🍾

So interested in the latest solutions for PFAS on the world market, come and see us at stand C2-212 where Helena Hinrichsen Robin Axelson or Say Svanström will present our technologies.

– But hurry before we loose our voices 😇🙈. The down side to having an amazing turn up.

IWA Copenhagen is ON, but so is the installation of new PFAS tech in Korsör for #H2020 SCENARIOS Project EU


The first step in our on-site site specific investigation activities that will be followed up by SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation treatment of the PFAS contaminated ground water.

Say Svanström is therefore leaving the stage at the conference to Robin Axelson and Helena Hinrichsen , to join the installation and accelerate in knowledge.

Installations have also been completed in Trelleborg at our Swedish test site, where we will treat PFAS contaminated leachate using SAFF, and destruction tech such as Cold Plasma, Sub critical Water oxidation and what else. We also plan to bring in the Inovation super team at Allonnia , and there field measuring technology for PFAS.
Exciting!? We don’t think that word is enough. So cross fingers and cheer us on, and follow our journey 🇩🇰🇸🇪💦💧

SAFF – Amazing PFAS removal rates!


1,5 year in, I am still amazed every month by the PFAS removal rates of SAFF on such complex leachate waters as this, removing long chain PFAS down to non detect in every sample.

We have more then 50 samples over a period of 18 months showing almost exactly the same removal rates for the PFAS11 that are analyzed. And with the new talk of PFAS4 as the most important treatment target for several countries, we want to highlight these results that we achieved for all full scale SAFF leachate projects – as well as for all other waters.

For more info, just send me a message or email:

Friday – Oh My Day!! And what is better at producing that reaction then RAW destruction data on PFAS concentrate from treatment of PFAS leachate using SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation


Allright, first official update – not on a nuggets package – of results achieved using ElectroChemical Oxidation (EO #ECO)

The treatment is running with a flow of 200 liters a day, and samples were taken at T0 and T7days – which means 7 treatment cycles for the full PFAS waste produced by SAFF treatng 30 000 m3 of leachate.
T0 results (blue line) show initial concentrations before start of EO process, and T7days – ornage line, show the results after 7 treatment cycles. The PFAS sum 11 total concentrations are the same, 20 000 000 ng/l at both sampling events, but the make up of PFAS has changed. PFOS concentrations have been reduced from 1 700 000 ng/l to 410 000 ng/l, and PFOA from 5 700 000 ng/l to 4 700 000 ng/l. Big reductions are also seen for PFHxS, 1 700 000 ng/l to 1 300 000 ng/l and PFNA 350 000 ng/l to 150 000 ng/l.

Great increase in concentrations are however seen for PFPeA, PFHxA, 6:2FTS and PFBA.
PFBA has increased from 5 200 ng/l to 390 000 ng/l, 6:2FTS from 7 800 000 ng/l to 9 300 000 ng/l, PFHxa from 91 000 to 740 000 ng/l and PFPeA from 15 000 to 490 000 ng/l.

All results are as expected. This as it takes less energy to break the longer chains, so they go first, and as this happens, shorter chain compounds are created. So a very nice first suite of results I would say. And all achieved with a simple EO unit that fits on a desk or in you front seat.

But all is not as easy as it sounds. The concentrate contains much solids, and after a week of treatment. The cell clogged up totally. Owner and producer Patrik Hollman at Nova Diamant AB came to see us to give it a good clean, but within the following 2 days, the throughput was almost down to zero. But that is also important knowledge. This technology will struggle on ”waters”/wastes such as this. But can something be done to increase efficiency and overcome this problem?
We will sure give it a try, and as we have now temporarily turned off the treatment, we will pick it up in 2 weeks after twerking the process with a few ideas. -Oh dont worry, I saw your troubled faces, we will share the coming process, tricks and data as we have settled on the method and seen the outcome. shared knowledge is double knowledge, right? At least in our books.

So keep a look out 🙂

If you wonder what the SAFF PFAS water treatment method can achieve for your waters, send us a sample!

helloSAFF - bench top unit

SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Envuro treats PFAS contaminated waters using only air, no pre treatment systems, minimum electricity (0,7 kWh/m3) and produce almost no waste. And it works on the most complex waters – like this cross contaminated, highly organic devil mix of effluent from an industrial water treatment facility in southern Europe.

By sending us a water sample of minimum 50 liters, we can run a trial in our bench scale unit, and get results very close to the full scale result. The full scale SAFF is however a tad bit better, if you can believe it looking at the results achieved for this cross contaminated, highly organic complex effluent 😳😳😳

SAFF - bench top unit

Mind blowing if you ask me 👌👏👏. And the reason why we are proud providers of this treatment tech for the European market. And as we have performed over 10 full scale projects over a 2 year period, we know the system well and how to tweak it to match even the hardest of challenges.

Bench scale trial to show Surface Active Foam Fractionation removal capacity on PFAS waters from all over Europe 🇪🇺👩‍🔬👨‍🔬


Big day for me and Victor Steffansson today at our trial facility where our bench scale sized SAFF system – the miniSAFF, as we call it, is situated. As waters from all over Europe is landing in our lab, and clients are eager to see what PFAS removal rates we can achieve using the SAFF system by EPOC Enviro /OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, we are sure not to have any time for hanging around, which we hate anyway 🏎️💨.

A total of three trials today, one SurfaceWater, one GroundWater and one nasty-as-hell-water from an industrial water treatment facility. VERY different waters and PFAS levels, but all went as planned.

To be sure not to cross contaminate, the gear is thoroughly cleaned between trials using PerflourAd by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH.

As always, only the wait remains. So stay tuned for results. These results will however be extra interesting as we have sent all samples to two different labs, Eurofins  and SGS, as we have seen some quite non understandable differences in sample results lately. So will present our findings from that exercise, as well as achieved removal rates for all 3 waters

Data worth waiting for I say!
5 days to go! -Count down have started !!!

PFAS destruction of concentrate from Foam Fractionation with SAFF,  using Electrochemical Oxidation – Status update


Couldn’t be a more beautiful summer day then this to present some cool photos from 1 week into our PFAS destruction project using Electrochemical Oxidation (EO) – an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

The project is working with a speed of 200 liters per day – and as 200 liters is all we have from treating almost 30 000 m3 of leachate, we are into our 7th treatment cycle.

Samples are taken everyday, but the one taken out today will be the first going into the lab, as the samples are as incredibly expensive as they are interesting. But the fact that something is happening – that is for sure, and can be seen by the colour change. The murky ”slime” will transform to a much lighter, maybe see through liquid, and we are already up to a much nicer autumn cream brown. Lovely!

The project is so exciting and  interesting, some of us as are almost planning to move to site.
– But stay calm, no need to pack your bags. Info on levels and further progress will be presented as results are received. So will be enough just to stay tuned!! 😎👌👏💥
– If you’re not keen for a visit, then let us know.

Hur startar ni veckan? Vi firar att vi ska få uppdatera åtgä med åtgärdstekniker för PFAS i jord och vatten


Jajamen. Förra veckan hörde Peter Harms-Ringdahl av sig och meddelade att projektet blivit godkänt och att pengar tilldelas. Superkul och Superviktigt tycker vi på Envytech, och vi ser fram emot att dela åtgärdstekniker resultat, möjligheter från våra snart 2 år med unik erfarenhet och flest projekt i världen med Foam Fractionation för PFAS, och 5 år av stabilisering av många olika jordar med Rembind.

Vi kommer även plocka in våra partners Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH och Cornelsen Ltd. för att dela information om den unika och patenterade fällnings- och flockningsprodukten #PerfluorAd.

Men gästspelet slutar inte där. Vi kommer också dela resultat och möjligheter med termisk nedbrytning av PFAS från partners TRS Group Inc. och Zebra Technologies .

JoJo – vi säger ju att det kommer bli spännande 👌👏⚡

Ja, och sen kan vi ju såklart även stödja upp med kunskap från över 100 jobb med kol och jonbytare. Men det kan ju alla.

Back to the roots! Rening av multiförorenat ”vatten” vid HTE PRODUKTION AB projekt Lilla Backa, Göteborg


Ja men det var ett tag sedan vi fick starta veckan med ett riktigt skitigt schaktvatten. Men såklart såg det inte ut som på den undre bilden från början. Nä, som så många andra gånger visade sig vattnet i början från sin bästa sida, som i den övre bilden, för att sedan övergå till ett medium som mer liknar skit än vatten.

Men vad gör det när man har en uppställning redo för det mesta, och absolut de synder som man misstänkte kunde komma fram här. Men så till lösningen: En tvåstegs mixer blandar flocknings- och fällningskem som tillsätts flödesproportionerligt för maximal effekt. Flockarna tillåts sen fällas ut i en lamellavskiljare, och slammet pumpas till geotuber för avvattning. Det nu partikelreducerade vattnet renas i nästa steg i en filtercontainer med tre seriekopplade filter. Aktiv glasmedia tar hand om ev. kvarvarande finpartiklar, aktivt kol hanterar petroleumprodukter och andra organiska föroreningar, och slutligen renas lösta metaller i ett jonbytarfilter.

Partikelreningen har en kapacitet på 25-40 m3/h, men med filterrening så är det uppehållstiden som styr, och vi klarar i den här uppställningen 8 m3/h. Snyggt, effektivt och pålitligt 👌👌👌
Och apropå det, kolla in designen på pumpgropen vi pumpar ifrån. Det går inte annat än att ge 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ till HTE för den väl utförda designen och installationen. Snacka om schyssta förutsättningar för att kunna göra ett bra jobb och hålla kostnaderna nere!

Captain’s log: PFAS-lakvattenbehandling med endast luft, ingen förbehandling och världens första SAFF20! 


Igår var team PFAS ute och finjusterade vårt senaste fullskaliga PFAS-lakvattenprojekt. Ett pilotprojekt på en deponi för att testa SAFF-reningslösningen av EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems med endast luft och inga förbehandlingssystem för att behandla PFAS i lakvatten.  –Ja vi vet, vi har sagt det förut, men DETTA är det svåraste lakvattnet hittills 🙈⁉️ Precis som vi gillar det 😎.

Det aktuella lakvattnet samlas upp via ett 2,2 km långt täckt dike som löper runt deponin. Det innehåller därför bara lakvatten, inget annat ”renare” vatten eller nederbörd, och eftersom området är från hjärtat av det forna textilhjärtat av Sverige har vi ett orangebrunt vatten, som en grumlig, otäck, mörk öl, om det finns en sådan. Och skumpotentialen gör att Guinness inte skummar alls i jämförelse. Inkommande värden är en blandning av långa och korta kedjor, ett vanligt förhållande på cirka 50/50. Vi har etablerat anläggningen och efter att ha designat och omdesignat skumhanteringssystem är det dags att trimma systemet för att nå de reningsmål vi nått för 5 andra fullskaliga projekt, under rapporteringsgräns eller strax över för #PFOS, #PFOA , #PFHxS, #PFDA, #PFNA och #6:2FTS. Finjusteringen innebar att testa olika behandlingstider i kombination med olika energiinställningar.

Och nu är det bara att vänta som ett barn på jul på resultaten. Men medan du väntar, njut av filmen som visar en rundtur i projektets omgivningar, SAFF20-anläggningen och skumhanteringssystemet.