Stolta över att se vår forsknings- och utvecklingschef Helena i SGI och SGUs nationella expertgrupp för PFAS

Proud to be invited to be on the SGI and SGU author/specialist board for PFAS and PFAS remediation technologies.

Interesting start meeting today with several PFAS specialist, summoned by Peter Harms-Ringdahl . The aim of the meeting was to set the outline and content for an application regarding funding for updating the Swedish website ”The Remediation Portal” / Åtgärdsportalen with information about PFAS and PFAS remediation technologies. And the application comes as a response to the  PFAS action plan launched by the Swedish Government.

My contribution will mostly involve description of methods,  and application areas for remediation as well as possibilities and limitations for methods such as activated carbon, SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation as well as other foam fractionation applications, coagulation by PerfluorAd, cold plasma and electrochemical coagulation.

Great opportunity to spread the word about all well working tech out there, ready and available to be used to start the PFAS clean up for a less toxic environment.