This World Water Day we are celebrating signing the contract to treat another 200 000 m3 of PFAS leachate using only air.

A year pass quickly, and we are as proud as amazed as we have managed to treat the first 100 000 m3 of landdill leachate using only air, no filter medias, no consumables, no pretreatments.

The treatment has been carried out using the SAFF tech by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions , and the project was the first of its kind in the world.

As pioneers, searching and trialing sustainable, out of the box thinking solutions for PFAS, we are super impressed with this tech. This as we use a meer 0,7 kwh/m3 treated, and produce approx 100 liters of PFAS concentrate per 30 000 m3 treated leachate. A waste we are about to treat using Electrochemical Oxidation EO to manage a zero waste project.

And today, this world waterday 2022 our outstanding client Telge made our day and asked to extend the project, giving us another 200 000 m3 to treat. Not bad for a beginner hey 🥳👏🍾