Envytech to start Spain’s first PFAS treatment Ever

And so we meet – IRL! First on site meeting, Spanish site 🇪🇸. And energy levels are as high as the PFAS concentrations 😇

What used to be the old normal is after the pandemic a luxury – Face to Face meetings with international colleagues! And suddenly the magic that only happens IRL are back, ideas flying, mutual understandings of what seemed difficult over the screens… You know what we talk about.

But we are not here only to talk, but to do some ”real” work and start this EU LIFE project in practice. -Right after the EU audit rundown 😇🙂.

The Spanish site offers an interesting remediation challenge as the site is a heavily PFAS contaminated area where the groundwater concentrations reach 10 micro grams per liter, (10 000 000 ng/l). The flow rates are however low, as the soil is mainly made up from consolidated deposits.

The remediation system to be evaluated is a treatment train approach using the most sustainable technologies on the world market. The first step is a SAFF20 system invented by OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions , offered by Envytech Solutions AB performing Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) to remove up to 99,9% of the long chained PFAS, and 40-80% of the short chains.
The water is then passed through an IonExchange resin for polishing, removing the residual PFAS substances, before being released to the recipient.

But the magic don’t stop there. To create a truly sustainable project, the concentrate will pass through an Electrochemical Oxidation (EO) unit by project partner Patrik Hollman at Nova Diamond AB, for complete degradation. Also Leonidas Perez-Estrada at Eurecat – Centro Tecnológico de Catalunya will carry out trials for regeneration of the resin, and any backwash solution created will then also be trialed in the EO plant, ultimately creating a zero waste project.

Now doesn’t that sound easy 🙂. Let the fun begin!