Envytech to start full scale destruction of PFAS by mineralisation of SAFF concentrate for zero waste project

Looking for some excitement? How about some #destruction of PFAS creating a zero waste full scale project! Nothing including diamonds is boring, and this saying is true also for a boron doped diamond. Here a part of a Swedish developed Electrochemical Oxidation unit by Patrik Hollman och Nova Diamant AB.

As seen in the post below, this unit will operate in Spain for the year to come, but luckily for us, Patrik has more, and also bigger versions. And as we have 225 liters of PFAS concentrate generated from treatment of almost 30 000 m3 of leachate using Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) at NSR AB, this is a no brainer project for us, making this full scale PFAS treatment project a Zero Waste project.

Now is that not exiting, I don’t know what is. – And as waiting doesn’t come naturally for us, we will start setting up the project in the days to come!