Friday – OH MY!! 😲😲 Day at the Envytech casa. All new gear that just arrived is already leaving for new projects

Beautiful weather, beautiful gear and their presence is a ”memory blue” as we once again run out of gear until the next deliveries arrives in a couple of weeks. It’s definitely a luxury problem – but still a problem.

Projects starting up next week – we kid you not 🚀🏎️💨

➡️ The renovation of Tingstadstunneln, Gothenburg – WHAT a project! and how we have waited 👏📢👌
➡️ Barkarby Staden, Stockholm – Now that is some FAT tech going there to become two massive treatment stations for #PFAS and particles.
➡️ Treatment plant for reject water from dredging materials, Södertälje Canal.
➡️ An HELLO treatment plant for the water produced by planned #tunneling works for project #Arenastaden, Stockholm.

And with that, we take weekend. Need to stock up on energy 😎😅🤟.