Monday – but free day for the Envytech crew who worked all weekend upgrading the plant at Smedslätt to 50 m3/h

Super proud to once again to have the trust of our very professional client YIT – Urban developer and construction company to be in charge of the water treatment at project Smedslätt.
As peak flows are higher then previously expected, the earlier establishment with a 2 step mixer with automatic flow adjusted pH, flocculation and precipitation now flows into two lamellas instead of one, adding double flow capacity. The sludge is collected in the bottom of the lamellas, and pumped to geo tubes, allowing the sludge to dry out, minimizing amount of sludge to be disposed of as well as the need of vacuum trucks.

Mission accomplished, and after some rest the team will be back at it, setting up our new projects, that by the looks of it wil be nothing short of super cool to handle.