PFAS destruction of concentrate from Foam Fractionation with SAFF,  using Electrochemical Oxidation – Status update

Couldn’t be a more beautiful summer day then this to present some cool photos from 1 week into our PFAS destruction project using Electrochemical Oxidation (EO) – an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

The project is working with a speed of 200 liters per day – and as 200 liters is all we have from treating almost 30 000 m3 of leachate, we are into our 7th treatment cycle.

Samples are taken everyday, but the one taken out today will be the first going into the lab, as the samples are as incredibly expensive as they are interesting. But the fact that something is happening – that is for sure, and can be seen by the colour change. The murky ”slime” will transform to a much lighter, maybe see through liquid, and we are already up to a much nicer autumn cream brown. Lovely!

The project is so exciting and  interesting, some of us as are almost planning to move to site.
– But stay calm, no need to pack your bags. Info on levels and further progress will be presented as results are received. So will be enough just to stay tuned!! 😎👌👏💥
– If you’re not keen for a visit, then let us know.