Bench scale trial to show Surface Active Foam Fractionation removal capacity on PFAS waters from all over Europe 🇪🇺👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

Big day for me and Victor Steffansson today at our trial facility where our bench scale sized SAFF system – the miniSAFF, as we call it, is situated. As waters from all over Europe is landing in our lab, and clients are eager to see what PFAS removal rates we can achieve using the SAFF system by EPOC Enviro /OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, we are sure not to have any time for hanging around, which we hate anyway 🏎️💨.

A total of three trials today, one SurfaceWater, one GroundWater and one nasty-as-hell-water from an industrial water treatment facility. VERY different waters and PFAS levels, but all went as planned.

To be sure not to cross contaminate, the gear is thoroughly cleaned between trials using PerflourAd by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH.

As always, only the wait remains. So stay tuned for results. These results will however be extra interesting as we have sent all samples to two different labs, Eurofins  and SGS, as we have seen some quite non understandable differences in sample results lately. So will present our findings from that exercise, as well as achieved removal rates for all 3 waters

Data worth waiting for I say!
5 days to go! -Count down have started !!!