If you wonder what the SAFF PFAS water treatment method can achieve for your waters, send us a sample!

SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Envuro treats PFAS contaminated waters using only air, no pre treatment systems, minimum electricity (0,7 kWh/m3) and produce almost no waste. And it works on the most complex waters – like this cross contaminated, highly organic devil mix of effluent from an industrial water treatment facility in southern Europe.

By sending us a water sample of minimum 50 liters, we can run a trial in our bench scale unit, and get results very close to the full scale result. The full scale SAFF is however a tad bit better, if you can believe it looking at the results achieved for this cross contaminated, highly organic complex effluent 😳😳😳

SAFF - bench top unit

Mind blowing if you ask me 👌👏👏. And the reason why we are proud providers of this treatment tech for the European market. And as we have performed over 10 full scale projects over a 2 year period, we know the system well and how to tweak it to match even the hardest of challenges.