Enjoying #IWA Copenhagen and interested in PFAS? Come and talk to our #PFAS remediation exeperts!

And so IWA Copenhagen has started, and we have noticed that PFAS isn’t just on our mind. Sad but true, but it feels good to represent new sustainable treatment solutions such as #SAFF Surface Active Foam Fractionation, #Rembind and #PerfluorAd. Technologies being implemented TODAY! in both Rörvik #Norway for Avinor , as well as in Korsör #Denmark. Så en stor dag på många sätt idag 👌🥳🍾

So interested in the latest solutions for PFAS on the world market, come and see us at stand C2-212 where Helena Hinrichsen Robin Axelson or Say Svanström will present our technologies.

– But hurry before we loose our voices 😇🙈. The down side to having an amazing turn up.