IWA Copenhagen is ON, but so is the installation of new PFAS tech in Korsör for #H2020 SCENARIOS Project EU

The first step in our on-site site specific investigation activities that will be followed up by SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation treatment of the PFAS contaminated ground water.

Say Svanström is therefore leaving the stage at the conference to Robin Axelson and Helena Hinrichsen , to join the installation and accelerate in knowledge.

Installations have also been completed in Trelleborg at our Swedish test site, where we will treat PFAS contaminated leachate using SAFF, and destruction tech such as Cold Plasma, Sub critical Water oxidation and what else. We also plan to bring in the Inovation super team at Allonnia , and there field measuring technology for PFAS.
Exciting!? We don’t think that word is enough. So cross fingers and cheer us on, and follow our journey 🇩🇰🇸🇪💦💧