Tech Wednesday!? Check out this installation providing real time monitoring of PFAS transport in the vadose zone 🇮🇱🇩🇰

Korsör, Denmark, have never been more Hi-Tech as Team SCENARIOS Project EU installs Sensoil Innovations Ltd.  innovation providing real time monitoring of PFAS transport through the unsaturated zone.

As PFAS is transported by water precipitating through the ground, sample ports collect the water and transports it to a sampling cabinet where each level can be sampled and analysed at different times. This will provide a unique way of following the PFAS from the surface and down through the soil and into the groundwater.
-And all happens while the Italiens, led by Francesco Dondero, PhD are sampling for PFAS resisting bacteria, possibly able to degrade PFAS.

It is so much Inovation in this ground breaking EU GreenDeal project, that it is hard to take it all in. And we haven’t even started remediation or destruction works!!

Go work packages 3 and 4. Work package 7, Team Remediation, has never been more ready to be tagged in. But at the same time we are amazed of the work you are doing and can’t wait for the results.

For results, lessons learned, findings and more, follow us on LinkedIn. It will be a journey you don’t want to miss.