Compact, effective dewatering of construction works in a pond area carried out by ABTK Anläggning AB

Maybe grey skies, but as always, our equipment are shining blue like a summer sky.  Even while treating muddy water filled with particles and dissolved metals.

The treatment train is made up from a buffer container to equalise flow rates, followed by static mixers injecting flocculation and precipitation chemicals in flow specific amounts. The particles are then let to settle in a lamella separator with a sludge collector at the bottom. The sludge is pumped to a geotub for de-watering, minimising the need of vacuum trucks as well as minimising waste volumes. After the lamella, residual rest flocks are collected in a second sedimentation container before the water is pumped to filter vessels for treatment by AIX for dissolved zink. The water is then released to the recipient and meets all target criteria.

Simple, tight, effective and economical. Just the way we like it 👌🌊💦