New month, New SAFF PFAS leachate project. And we are almost nailing removal rates from scratch👌✌️👏

Beautiful mid Sweden project, with a just as expected, complicated PFAS leachate mix. And just as  anticipated beautiful treatment results from our Surface Active Foam Fractionation SAFF developed by OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions / EPOC Enviro.
– and off course a just as tight tech set up as planned. The Envytech way, this time by Anders Holttinen.

As always we pump straight from the leachate pond, straight into our pilot SAFF20 treatment unit. Results from the first sample rounds have started to come in, and it is looking good!!
-But can be better. Next step is to evaluate treatment efficiency for each PFAS substance with different treatment times in combination with different energy and bubble settings.
Time for our ”Foam watchers”, as we call our SAFF specialist team, to work their magic.

For more information on the project, the SAFF PFAS treatment method or availability of plants and pilot test, contact our Head of R&D and PFASionista Helena Hinrichsen.