Tight Tech Tuesday? Oh do we have a suitable candidate in this perfect fit water treatment at Snäckan 8, Stockholm.

Yeah check it out. This is a tight effective and nothing short of gorgeous treatment set up transforming complex particle heavy, pH high cement slurry to almost crystal clear water.

The water/sludge is pumped into a buffer tank from where it’s transferred to a compact particle treatment unit adding #flocculation and #precipitation chemicals in a mixer step and where the particles are left to settle out in a lamella step with a #sludge hopper. The water is collected in a buffer container before being released to the recipient.

This job is the very special and prestigious #Snäckan8 by #Sheraton Stockholm for well experienced Skanska and team. A job planned for almost a decade, and labelled one of the most complex construction projects in Sweden.
As always a pleasure working with professionals. These guys almost go under the label Rockstar. An extra high high 5 to our hard working field crew for a smooth establishment 🖐️👌🍾