Favourite day of the week: Tight Tech Tuesday! Treatment tech with a capacity of up to 40 m3/h on (almost) no space 😳

This is not only a beautiful photo, but a top modern, top notch treatment set up for suspended particles including all from organics to super fines and in all in all, wicked flow velocity on a 2,5x6m surface.
-Yes, it’s true. The two blue buffer tanks to the left and one to the right only serves as tools to be able to pump the water far distances.

The reason this kind of flow capacity is needed at a site like this, is that the client (halleluja) is planning ahead for heavy rainfall events, where the gear have to deliver. Otherwise the site will flood, and create major problems. But ni worries here as we have super smart thinking by Skanska and Envytech project manager Robin Axelson. Always a pleasure working with pros 👌😎