New week, new projects. And how about a seriously complex sludge de-watering project in central Oslo, Norway.

Yes, another project in our Norwegian history book, and this is a really interesting project that we are happy to perform together with super competent and experienced Tore Frogner and Veidekke Norge.

This centrally located project is involving the construction of a a new train station building, and part of the works involves installation of ”pipe piles” 36 m down into the bedrock. While passing the overlaying clay layers, a thick dense #sludge is produced, and this is the sludge that Envytech is to de-water in cooperation with Envidan A/S .

In these photos Victor Steffansson and our VERY well prepared technician Mikael ”Musen” Holm are performing the installation of 4 inch passive mixers, mixer station and pumps for dosing of #flocculation chemicals. The sludge is pumped from the storage container through the mixing station, and the tested sludge is then pumped into 30 m3 geotubs for de-watering. And as it is a really challenging sludge, we will be excited to see the results, and to see if we manage to separate this beast of fine particles and water.

To be continued…