New week, new effective AND inventive treatment tech for removal of suspended particles, PFAS and -yes- Nitrate 😲😳

This is the second set up at these important tunnel drilling works for service tunnel EO2, Stockholm. This time for the professionals at Implenia Sverige AB .

On top of the normal ingredients in the ProcessWater from tunnel drilling works such as Suspended Solids, high pH and nitrates from the blasting, this project passes underneath a landfill collecting PFAS contaminated leachate. It is therefore an impressive set up of effective as well as tight and tailor made treatment systems installed at this site.

But from this week and a couple of months onwards, we have added yet another state of the art and first time in Europe solution – Envytech style. This time for dissolved nitrates.
-And no, it’s no big bioreactor with several steps that is sensitive to everything from temperature to bacteria, solids and other parameters. It’s instead a compact robust treatment step with minimum need of contact time that fits in our ordinary treatment vessels, we just add on an extra reaction tank. And as well as being robust as anything we haven’t seen before in nitrogen removal, it is believed to last for up to 8 years, maybe more.

No, it is not a joke or fake news, but a trial of a new patented product, and a new partnership for us. And a quite massive investment plan for Envytech. It is also, like our solutions SAFF and Rembind, a product of the tireless and pretty unique work that our R&D staff Victor Steffansson and Helena Hinrichsen carries out, with Victor being the proud dad for our nitrogen solution.

As solving the nitrate removal challenges is a BIG quest, it is welcomed by many, and also followed by many in the construction sector. And while we feel the pressure, we have no reason to doubt the solution, but time and results will tell.

We hope to present successful results from this full scale trial at the end of 2022. So to get all updates, make sure to follow us here on LinkedIn. And if you wish to be a part of our journey towards becoming the best in the world regarding PFAS remediation and water treatment for complex waters, send us an email, as we have some awesome work opportunities available.