Holy Macaroni! Envytech Solutions to solve the complex water treatment mission at former Macaroni factory in Uppsala.

We are as proud as excited to have been chosen by Forsen AB for the mission to treat the ancient and contaminated water that have been left in the macaroni factory basement, since decommissioning of the plant. The water contains a fair amount of super fine suspended particles as well as dissolved metals.

The treatment plant is set up at Kv. Ångkvarnen starts with a 2-step mixer with automated, flow proportional adding of chemicals for flocculation and precipitation. The sludge is aloud to settle in a lamella clarifier and collected in the sludge hopper at the bottom, from where the sludge is automatically pumped to a geo tube for dewatering. A simple but super effective way to minimize the need of vacuum trucks and volumes of waste.

The particle free water then passes a polishing step of activated glassmedia for that final reduction of particles before entering an ion exchange filter to remove the dissolved metals.

The system can handle flows up to 25 m3/h, and the total volume of treatment is estimated between 2 500 – 5000 m3.

To hear more about project and/or our solutions, contact project manager Victor Steffansson – who is also our #watertreatment design specialist.