New month, New country, New SAFF project – and new area of use:  Water Treatment for PFAS Soil Washing water

We are immensely proud and excited that together with one of the most environmentally beautifully companies we have met, have started this trial and world first combination of PFAS Soil Washing and Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) treatment from EPOC Enviro OPEC Systems, of soil wash water. And first ever SAFF project in Belgium 🇧🇪👌👏

Water for soil washing is used during the day and treated by SAFF, and all other wash steps during the night, allowing reuse and elimination of the need of activated carbon, minimizing PFAS waste and carbon footprint.

As different soils produce different waters, we are developing a settings guide for different soils, TOC content and PFAS concentrations and signatures This in order to minimize the need of control samples, and to maximize the possibility of foam watching – as getting that just right foam tells the same story as a verification lab analysis.

We are heading into this project in search of a beneficial partnership in Belgium, and so far the experienced, curious and professional staff are exceeding every expectation. So hello Belgium 👋. Great to be here, and we are hoping that this is the first project of many.