Tight Tech Tuesday!!! Tonight’s special: Effective treatment of water/sludge from city close tunnel #drilling works 🚇💦

Deep down below The beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm, massive construction works are shaping a new more connected, sustainable and modern traveling system. One of the projects are named Hammarby canal, a future station in the new subway system of Stockholm Nya tunnelbanan, Region Stockholm

We are immensely proud to be water treatment tech suppliers to our competent and professional client Itinera, responsible for the construction for these tunnel works.

This block buster shows of a heavy duty treatment train for removal of #SuspendedSolids #SS using a compact 2-step mixer with automated flow proportional adding of #flocculation and #precipitation chemicals. The solids are left to settle in a lamella clarifier with a sludge hopper, and an automated sludge pump for easy sludge removal. The #sludge is collected in a geotube where it is left to de-water, creating minimal waste that is dry and easy to handle, leaving almost no need for vacuum trucks.

To handle the fairly large flow demand of 60 m3/h, the treated flow is split into two lamellas to obtain enough settling times.

Now THAT is one ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Tight Tech set up, and we are as impressed as always, by the work of our top notch technician Martin Jepsen 👌👊