Summary of Life-Source project review meeting on first PFAS remediation in Spain as well as plans for Swedish site

Massive day yesterday with information bonanza for over 9 hours. A head spin yes, but to much science and tech is just awesome 😎.

We talked about the awareness of PFAS at local EPAs in Spain, and how that is changing with increasing knowledge about PFAS. And off course also due the fact that Spain has now a PFAS legislation, much thanks to, this project, amongst other.
– Now how cool is that 👌👏. Talk about making change for real.

We went through the very successful regeneration procedure for AEX Ionexchange resin that Leonidas Perez-Estrada at EURECAT is in charge of, offering this possibility to all users of the Purolite, An Ecolab Company PFAS resins

And last and but not least, we did some professional filming for the video that the project is producing to further increase the sharing of the knowledge and data obtained throughout EU and the world. Hollywood next 🎥

Day 2 coming up, so stay tuned for more updates and data!