Another load of RemBind loaded for remediation of airport soil

If you have followed the Envytech Solutions AB PFAS crew, and our presentations of soil stabilisation, you will be aware of the huge leachability that even light to moderate soil have on the underlying groundwater.

In the presentations showing our leachability work, one can see that for example, 48 µg/kg PFAS (43 µg/kg PFOS) , in a soil that has been sitting out in the environment for years and years, living the everyday challenges of life, leaching as can be expected, still leach 11 000 ng/l when trialed in a 2 step leachability test. In Sweden, we have a guideline value for PFAS4 (PFOS, PFOA, PFHxS, PFNA) of 4 ng/l. So easy to see, that even this kind of low contaminated soil, is causing major contamination of the groundwater, that the site owner.- as well as the society and environment – will have to pay for.

Stabilisation is YES keeping the contaminant on site and is still the liability of the site owner. But the risk factor is majorly decreased, and further spreading of the contamination is immediately stopped, as well the increasing cost for ground water treatment. Something that should be taken into the equation.

Why Rembind by Envytech . Well compared to many other carbon products we have trialed in the field, full scale, Rembind is easy to apply, an economic solution when compared to other carbon, and a product that through all our full scale projects, are proving to minimize leachability with up to 99,9% , or whatever the site owner thinks is a reasonable number. This as it all comes down to amount of Rembind (%) used. And as you can see in the table below, we achieve immense reductions with very limited percentage of additive.

Something that does seem to be forgotten in lab studies and other work performed in laboratories, where the clients economics, or the ability to get a good ful scale performance, is never valued.

As I tend to say. Food for thought.