We might not get greeted by Nasdaq, but we are close to present a similar sustainable solution for destroying PFAS – In Europe 🇪🇺💪👊

It feels like yesterday, but it’s 4 years ago, I first met the OPEC Systems – protecting and improving our environment – team and saw the potential of SAFF. Two years later we launched the first full scale mobile SAFF system here in Sweden, treating complex leachate for the first time in the world, using Foam Fractionation.

It has since then been a mind-blowing journey of hard work, passion, sweat and tears – because it didn’t start off being just bubbles in water, even if it sounds that way. It’s an experience heavy, learn by doing and optimizing treatment tech journey, and we have come really far.

My goal has since the start been the a sustainable zero waste solution. And yes it stings that we didn’t get to be the first, but it feels ok as the US is a tad bigger and lately a lot more advanced. So congratulations to EPOC Enviro team and Kent Sorenson with team Allonnia for amazing work.

But Europe is still up for grabs, and we are going at it full throttle, teaming up with some super potent partners for destruction, and with our first test projects already on the go.

So wish us luck, and keep following our journey for a sustainable concentration and destruction of PFAS solution. We will be out there  with a hand made sign when we make it, if no one makes one for us 😎 🤞📣