Tight Tech Tuesday enjoys effective, tight, dreamy blue dewatering of jet grouting back wash water

We are right where we want to be, amongst muddy complex water and sludge, and we thank our impressive client OHLA  for the opportunity and trust to treat this demanding ”water”

The source of the sludge comes from jet grouting performed by KELLER  where cement is injected into the ground, and the sludge reject that comes back up is deposited in sedimentation ponds. The water in the ponds are then pump to our system for polishing.

The recipe / design for these works start with a reaction tank where flocculation and precipitation chemicals are added with automatic and flow proportional. The chemicals cause removal of suspended solids, but also transforms chromium6 to chromium3, as well as adjust pH.

The water flows with gravity to a lamella clarifier where sludge and and metals are removed. The sludge is automatically pumped back to the sedimentation ponds for storage until excavated and removed for landfill. A step that together with the water treatment minimises not only the wet waste for deposit, but also all transportation and cost that comes with it.

Neat, Tight, Efficient. Just the way we like it.

For more information, contact our Master of design Victor Steffansson or project manager Robin Axelson