Mighty Treatment Tech for THE Mightiest construction site

Tight Tech Tuesday presents the official trailer of ”Mighty Treatment Tech for THE Mightiest construction site”

Alright! We have known about this project for a little while now internally, but now you too can reserve seats and bring out the popcorn 🍿. Cannes film festival be bygone. The upcoming projects that we are to present beats any tiny man named Oscar.

This first trailer shows the establishment of our latest dreamy blue, state of the art treatment gear for handling flows of ca 25 m3/h of construction site surface water runoff mixed with groundwater water.

Flocculation and precipitation chemicals are added automatically and flow proportional in a two stage mixer, bringing any fines into removable sized flocks. Problem with pH? No worries, this is also handled automatically if the sensors show the need. The particles settle out in lamella clarifiers, and the sludge is transferred by automatic sludge pumps and deposited into geotubes for de-watering. A Cheap, easy and effective way of minimising/eliminating the need of vacuum trucks.

The last particles are polished of by activated glass filter media, and any organic contaminants and PFAS are removed as the water passes vessels with activated carbon filters.

If dissolved metals show up on the guest list? Not a problem, these are easily removed by a specific flocculation chemical added in the mixer stage or by anion exchange resins as a last step before release to the recipient.

And Tada 🎉 A water meeting all target criteria.

For the possibility of indulging in dramatic treatment data and action scenes of live treatment, make sure not to miss the premier a little while away, where we get to name the lead actors and place of the scene. And for even more jaw dropping tech set ups, using several first time in Sweden water tech,  make sure to follow us on here on LinkedIn. We can hardly believe that we have the opportunity to perform these projects, so we believe you too will enjoy the show(s – 3 actually!!) To be continued…