Tight Tech Tuesday brings you WOW! Tight and effective pre-treatment followed by effective media filters

Let us present our newest tool in our water treatment toolbox: Our super compact, super effective and super water – as well as service – saving pre-media filter treatment.

In a winter fairy tale filmed at our very appreciated client Mälarenergi, one can see our treatment set up for water coming from a surface water collection pond, offering water with suspended particles, organics, metals and dissolved PAHs.

The incoming water passes through a particle filtration unit that automatically back washed itself every 2 hours. The water needed to back wash this tight filter is minimal due to a clever invention, and the flush is completely automated. no service crew needed.

This solution have outperformed our previous SS removal trial with flocculation and precipitation followed by a glass filter media. The water was changing to often, to much for this to be a suitable solution.

The particle free water is then passed through an activated carbon filter for removal of PAHs and organics, before entering an anion exchange filter for removal of dissolved metals.

And Voila! One unexpectedly tricky water cleaned down below discharge criteria.

For more info on the project and our solutions, please contact project manager Robin Axelson

Also, a big high five and well done 👌👏 to our technician Martin Jepsen for a super smooth installation and service works..