Tight Tech Tuesday presents: A north of the wall, mid winter, in-situ treatment to stop spreading of petroleum hydrocarbons

Forget your Goretex jacket and leather gloves. Think John Snow outfit, in Game of Thrones. Because that is what our in-situ team had to experience while installing an in-situ barrier to prevent spreading of a petroleum contamination in Unbyn, Boden Council, North Sweden in December 2023.

Yes, we know, it’s madness performing in-situ works using liquids in this region at this time of year. But when a client is in need, we rise to the challenge.

And as the temperature dropped below -20 degree C, the team steamed on, 3 drilling rigs working parallel to make it before the project deadline.

In a period of 3 weeks, we managed to inject a total of 67 500 litres of ORC Advanced and Petrofix by REGENESIS Remediation Solutions , in no less then 72 injection points. By doing so, we created a barrier preventing / stopping the spreading of petroleum contamination from the site.

As the client runs an active petrol station at the site, meeting the EPA initial demands of full-scale remediation, would not only have cost a lot of money, but would possibly be made in vain. This as an active site always poses the risk of suffering from leaking of contaminants. Instead, we helped the client re-negotiate the demands, and to install a barrier, keeping any ongoing or future contamination within the site. A smart, tight, and effective solution. Just the way we like it. And a big high 5 and job very well done to the whole team 👌👊👏

For detailed information on the project, our in situ treatment options or how we can help with communication with EPAs, please contact our project manager and CCO in-situ Say Svanström