Envytech utökar sin flotta med SAFF-anläggningar för behandling av PFAS-förorenade vatten

Friday – and what better day to present our newest, soon to arrive #SAFF systems for treatment of ANY #PFAS contaminated waters

It’s a mighty view, our Surface Active Foam Fractionation plants from OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, all lined up as they were about to set sail for Sweden. Estimated time of arrival is by the end of March – and we can hardly wait, as is the same for our clients. All units will head directly out to sites to treat complex leachate waters at different landfills, an application that we have proven to manage well beyond both ours and our clients expectations with over 100 000 m3 treated to date without ANY pretreatments. Removing >99% of #PFOS, #PFOA, #PFHxS, #PFNA, #PFDA and several other PFAS with C6 chemistry and above. We also manage a considerable removal of some of the shorter chains, and are constantly working to further enhance our removal rates – and we are.

Envytech have proven and performed SAFF treatment on leachate water for a year now and as stated above, treated over 100 000 m3 of leachate waters, as well as the technology har treated app 70 000 m3 of #groundwater in Australia at an Australian defence site. By the end of February we set sail for UK to treat water from fire fighting water, containing high concentrations of petroleum products – and who knows what else. Bench scale test have proven to remove PFOS and PFOA which are the targeted PFAS to close to non detect, even if sum of PFAS ia shown to be up to 70 000 ng/l.

For more information about SAFF, Envytech, and our possibilities to treat your water from PFAS in sustainable way, using no consumables and producing minimal waste to an OPEX of 0,7 kwh per m3, please contact Helena Hinrichsen . We know – as do you if you know her – that she will be super excited to share her knowledge and help plan your remediation project.