EU-projekt Horizon2020: Platsbesök inför uppstart av saneringsuppdrag gällande PFAS-förorenade områden

Visit at the two first #PFAS contaminated sites to be investigated and remediated by a team SCENARIOS Project EU #WP7 #Horizon2020

It was a big day today, as most of WP7 got to visit our first two sites for investigation and remediation using the most promising, #sustainable and effective PFAS sampling and #remediation technologies on the world market.

First site, a near city closed landfill, with an active firefighting area, right next to an active landfill. The area was as beautiful as it was faul smelling, and with knowledge of the PFAS levels leaving site, a horror show. The possibility that we can make a change here for many, for a whole society, is however breathtaking.

2nd site, a near city fire station. Easy access, important city center to make a change at, but also very complex as well as perfect with its deep unsaturated zone, as well as deep clay layer and chalk bedrock.

At these sites we will spend time, money, effort and determination, to prove that it can be done. We can remediate, minimize risk, stop the spreading and harm, without years of research and maybes. And most possibly without any more then minimum or NO waste, thanks to #foamfractionation and #SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation, offered by Envytech Solutions AB , invented by OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, in combination with #coldplasma.