Not only meetings happening for H2020 SCENARIOS Project EU team. Today we start site works at our landfill test site!

Alright! We are starting up the work of WP7 for real – even if Knud Erik and GEO and Say Svanström Envytech, have produced a lot of important background and modelling work back at the office.

Today our crew shines together with the sun as we control GPS coordinates as well as installation data and groundwater levels for all previous installed wells at the site. The data will complement and verify information in reports from previous investigations, and will then add the last pieces of the puzzle in Knud-Eriks master piece of a site 3D model.

Time is of the essence as we are all eager to see and discuss the information to be shown by the 3D GeoAtlas model, as this will be our main information source for remediation planning. And it will give a very important underground view for us to consider on the 4th of April, as we welcome Prof. Ofer Dahan to the site.

Ofer will visit both our landfill site where we are to remediate leachate, as well as our previous fire station site, where we are to remediate highly PFAS contaminated groundwater. Ofer will advice and plan for installation of the state of the art monitoring system VMS, that is planned to give us new ways to map contamination movement through unsaturated ground.