Envytech and Head of R&D Helena Hinrichsen invited to speak PFAS solutions at IDA miljö seminar, Denmark

Our Helena Hinrichsen is super happy to have been invited as speaker at IDA – miljö webinar Treatment of PFOS and PFAS in soil and water. She loves when she get the chance to invite others to hers and Envytech Solutions AB’s  world of PFAS. It’s a world, just as interesting as it is dark and challenging.

Bente Villumsen hosted a super well organized event, where the only one not keeping the schedule, was Helena. Again. She is hopeless 😇. But as sooo much is happening and new results coming in from the states, TODAY, showing the results for short chain removal with an optimized SAFF treatment, she couldn’t stop herself from adding them at the last minute. Yes she is a hopeless time optimist.  But seriously. How cool. Sustainable short chain removal. 💥 Wow 💥

On her agenda other then SAFF was:
✔️ Discussion of Carbon treatment and AIX, and the cost involved when looking at a project, all included, not just cost of filter materials
✔️SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Enviro  /OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions
✔️ PerfluorAd – flocculation & precipitation of PFAS by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH  / Cornelsen Ltd.  
✔️ YES – we are doing full scale chemical Oxidation with Patrik Hollman  Nova Diamant AB
✔️ Rembind by RemBind Pty Ltd – stabilization of PFAS contaminated soil 
✔️PFAST – #Soilwashing for PFAS soil that actually works, AND we can treat the water without filtermaterials. So exciting!! 🥳

Looking at that menu – what was she thinking with 40 min. But how could she choose! Ah well. One to remember for the next time. But at least the audience will receive an interesting PDF presentation in the mail. That to us is the perfect Easter egg. 😇 And if anyone else wants tve ppt too, just give send us an email.