Evaluation of treatment recipe for de-watering activities for dredging materials!

Wow – lucky finding the right treatment design for this dredging material wasn’t as hard as reading that sentence 😅.

But more seriously, we Envytech, are super proud to have been awarded the treatment works for treating de-watering water from dredging materials, for an upcoming harbour dredging project .  A project carried out later this spring, but preparations have already started.

By obtaining a trial sample from the planned works, we are here evaluating several flocculationprecipitation chemicals in different combinations and concentrations. And voila! We have a winner 🏆 – see the action packed movie below 🎬💥📽️

This combination will be used together with an Envytech signature ”lina” (set up), where we let the particle heavy water enter a two step mixer with automated injection of chemicals and CO2, and particles are then left to settle in lamella separators, collecting the sludge in the bottom cone. sludge are then pumped into geo tubes for final de-watering.

To be handed such a complex challenge like this, solely based on our reputation for offering high quality water treatment plants with full service agreements, is icing on the cake. Including the figures on top 🎂👫.

Stay tuned for project specifics, sexy tech photos and seriously competent gear.
Soon in an update near you 😎👌

And for information and pro tip for how to de-water sludge, particle rich water and all else, contact our specialist in the field Victor Steffansson.