Another load of RemBind loaded for remediation of airport soil

If you have followed the Envytech Solutions AB PFAS crew, and our presentations of soil stabilisation, you will be aware of the huge leachability that even light to moderate soil have on the underlying groundwater. In the presentations showing our leachability work, one can see that for example, 48 µg/kg PFAS (43 µg/kg PFOS) , Läs mer

Summary of Life-Source project review meeting on first PFAS remediation in Spain as well as plans for Swedish site

Massive day yesterday with information bonanza for over 9 hours. A head spin yes, but to much science and tech is just awesome 😎. We talked about the awareness of PFAS at local EPAs in Spain, and how that is changing with increasing knowledge about PFAS. And off course also due the fact that Spain Läs mer

Incredible day kicking off another large PFAS stabilization project using Rembind

Wonder how stabilization of PFAS contaminated soil can be done? For this 4000 ton stabilization project for PFAS contaminated soil from an airport, our client offered interested clients and problem owners a live show. I have seen all our projects performed, but this time was the first using an Allu bucket to mix Rembind – Läs mer

We might not get greeted by Nasdaq, but we are close to present a similar sustainable solution for destroying PFAS – In Europe 🇪🇺💪👊

It feels like yesterday, but it’s 4 years ago, I first met the OPEC Systems – protecting and improving our environment – team and saw the potential of SAFF. Two years later we launched the first full scale mobile SAFF system here in Sweden, treating complex leachate for the first time in the world, using Foam Läs mer

Envytech and team SCENARIOS Project EU H2020 collects insects, biota, soil and groundwater to trace PFAS transport

Beautiful days, beautiful team, beautiful work. And beautiful photos! 👌📸. The quest to map the PFAS journey into the environment through air, water and soil, into plants, insects and animals, and into its last  almost permanent housing, the human body continues. And as a part of the work, we last week teamed up at a heavily Läs mer

Envytechs first generation 2 SAFF40 has arrived.

Join the team as they open up the doors to inspect the latest upgrades that we have been a big part of developing. This unit will soon treat complex leachate for the two years that are left on our contract at Telge Återvinning in Tveta, Södertälje, and can be viewed from mid April 2023. So Läs mer

Tight Tech Tuesday!!! Tonight’s special: Effective treatment of water/sludge from city close tunnel #drilling works 🚇💦

Deep down below The beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm, massive construction works are shaping a new more connected, sustainable and modern traveling system. One of the projects are named Hammarby canal, a future station in the new subway system of Stockholm Nya tunnelbanan, Region Stockholm We are immensely proud to be water treatment tech suppliers Läs mer

New month, New country, New SAFF project – and new area of use:  Water Treatment for PFAS Soil Washing water

We are immensely proud and excited that together with one of the most environmentally beautifully companies we have met, have started this trial and world first combination of PFAS Soil Washing and Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) treatment from EPOC Enviro OPEC Systems, of soil wash water. And first ever SAFF project in Belgium 🇧🇪👌👏 Läs mer

Holy Macaroni! Envytech Solutions to solve the complex water treatment mission at former Macaroni factory in Uppsala.

We are as proud as excited to have been chosen by Forsen AB for the mission to treat the ancient and contaminated water that have been left in the macaroni factory basement, since decommissioning of the plant. The water contains a fair amount of super fine suspended particles as well as dissolved metals. The treatment Läs mer

New month, New SAFF project. Let us present treatment of PFAS contaminated canal water, at a former airport in UK 🇬🇧

Our SAFF40 Saffron by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions is back in UK and is just about to start treating our 2nd biggest SAFF treatment project so far. The project is carried out together with Cornelsen Ltd. and brilliant project manager/ general manager Matt Ingram. Without pre treatment, only using the Läs mer

Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) 2022 Global Awards – EPOC Enviro & Envytech are nominated finalists 📸🏆

The first full scale project in the world using a mobile SAFF40 treatment unit was at a leachate site in Sweden, where many PFAS treatment technologies had been evaluated and discarded. in February 2020 a SAFF40 was commissioned, and has to date treated over 150 000 m3 of leachate, without any pre treatment systems, using Läs mer

New week, new effective AND inventive treatment tech for removal of suspended particles, PFAS and -yes- Nitrate 😲😳

This is the second set up at these important tunnel drilling works for service tunnel EO2, Stockholm. This time for the professionals at Implenia Sverige AB . On top of the normal ingredients in the ProcessWater from tunnel drilling works such as Suspended Solids, high pH and nitrates from the blasting, this project passes underneath a landfill collecting PFAS contaminated leachate. It is therefore an Läs mer