Monday – but free day for the Envytech crew who worked all weekend upgrading the plant at Smedslätt to 50 m3/h

Super proud to once again to have the trust of our very professional client YIT – Urban developer and construction company to be in charge of the water treatment at project Smedslätt.As peak flows are higher then previously expected, the earlier establishment with a 2 step mixer with automatic flow adjusted pH, flocculation and precipitation Läs mer

Friday sneak peak: On site trial for treating PFAS in drinking water basins, UK

It’s been a busy week for our PFAS crew. A very interesting on-site trial was carried out at a clients office for treatment of a drinking water source, with camera crew and all, to share the work that is being done with the surrounding community. The trial went as planned, and we are now awaiting Läs mer

Tingstadstunneln – A state of the art water treatment plant handling up to 60 m3/h of complex multi contaminated water

And so the establishment is finished, and the first volumes has passed through the system, and the initial samples controlling the effectiveness of system removal of suspended solids, metals, petroleum products, nitrogen, phosphorus and pH have been collected. A service carried out by Envytech staff as apart of our full service offer, making tuning, correction, Läs mer

Dewatering of dredging sludge, treatment of reject water, Södertälje

And so it begins. Envytech are super proud to have been awarded the treatment works for treating reject water from dredging materials from the Södertälje harbour.  Installation works are just about done, and we are ready and set for action. Treatment set up is mixer, flow proportional adding of flocculation and precipitation chemicals, pH adjustment Läs mer

Sneak peek as our WTF 👊 mobile water treatment plant for treating water from hydrodemolition of Tingstadstunneln evolves

Beautiful day, beautiful tech in prime position. But not only a pretty face, and a super tight fit. It’s a state of the art, best available technology treatment plant with the ability to treat 60 m3/h of heavily impacted, contaminated water. So go easy on the accelerator, bring some popcorn and enjoy the view. And Läs mer

Start up of new PFAS leachate remediation trial using SAFF – and this time using our new world first SAFF20 treatment plants

First of two new #SAFF #leachate treatment projects established. And we can’t wait to see how this leachate will foam and how to optimize treatment.Our super knowledgeable crew Anders Holttinen and Johan Lindahl, and of course Jamie Sheargold from EPOC, who is living the life of Vikings with horizontal rain/snow and icy degrees helping us Läs mer

Alright! Another PFAS treatment project using only air

No consumables, only offered by SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation by EPOC Enviro / OPEC Systems – Environmental Engineering Solutions, a solution provided by Envytech for the European, Scandinavian and UK market. Envytech has to date 3 ongoing PFAS leachate treatment projects in Sweden, and as we are starting up this full scale system Läs mer

#SIWW – Singapore international water week, myself and Victor Steffansson are here and ready to meet!

Couldn’t be more excited as we have arrived and enjoyed the opening ceremony, and are now to mingle with the worlds water tech industry representatives. Our main aim is to gain knowledge in new technologies that can level up our constantly growing fleet of mobile water treatment systems for construction waters, leachates, soil washing reject Läs mer

Malmökontorets första projekt klart. Rening av komplext pannvatten förorenat med PAH:er, oljor, PCB och metaller

Ja nu är de igång på riktigt, Envytech Malmö, under ledning av Michelle Nilsson. Och vilket fint projekt det blev. Kunden Dalshult Industri & Entreprenad AB  är jättenöjd och konsulten från Kodeda Konsulter AB, ansvarig för provtagning och myndighetskontakter, likaså. Och det pratas redan framtida samarbeten. Michelle höll heller inte tillbaka på de fina orden Läs mer

Friday – OH MY!! 😲😲 Day at the Envytech casa. All new gear that just arrived is already leaving for new projects

Beautiful weather, beautiful gear and their presence is a ”memory blue” as we once again run out of gear until the next deliveries arrives in a couple of weeks. It’s definitely a luxury problem – but still a problem. Projects starting up next week – we kid you not 🚀🏎️💨 ➡️ The renovation of Tingstadstunneln, Gothenburg Läs mer

Tingstadstunneln ska renoveras, och vi ser fram emot att på uppdrag av Peab ställa upp en styck riktigt snygg ”Envytechlina”

Då renoveringsarbetena kommer omfatta #vattenbilning, kommer vatten från processen att omfatta partiklar, färgflagor, cementdamm, lösta metaller så som #krom6, partikelbundna metaller och petroleumprodukter. Det är ont om plats och vår s.k. Envytechlina är därför perfekt. Installationsarbetena börjar i veckan. Vi kommer så klart följa upp arbetet här med bilder och resultat. Dags att göra Göteborg Läs mer

Snyggt och spännande projekt där vi som stolt leverantör har ansvarat för vattenrening av borrvatten från start!

Ja det är som Erik säger. Det har varit en spännande resa, och som nästan alla projekt så bjuder vatten på utmaningar i takt med att projekten når olika etapper. I dagsläget omfattar vår anläggning partikelrening och pH justering, men då arbetena nu går in i nya faser, så håller vi tillsammans med CRTG på Läs mer